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My dad would tell me that when we were little and people would say to him “wow, four daughters, that’s a lot of weddings to pay for” (because traditionally the bride’s family would pay for the wedding), my dad would respond with “well, we’re hoping at least one of them will be gay so we can split the cost with the other bride’s family”
He said people never knew how to respond

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A woman of substance is a woman of power. Dau Voire (via kushandwizdom)

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Your butt is nice but it would be nicer if it was on my lap

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those feelings when you want a relationship

but you don’t

but you do

but you don’t

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"text me when you get home" means "i love you, be safe." 

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  • Me: ugh, the radio always plays the same songs
  • Me: *listens to same album on repeat for 7 years*
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